About Us

CDWW was established in 2011 after teaming up with Otter Tail Power Company to provide a unique service to the oil and gas industry. This service is providing hot and cold water for the industry. Our water comes from the Missouri River into Ottertail’s settling pond and then transported to the Coyote Station Power Plant south of Beulah, ND. Cold water is pumped directly to our truck load outs from a one million gallon holding tank. Our hot water is heated utilizing the waste steam after the generation process at the Coyote Plant. The heated water is circulated from the holding tank through a heat exchanger and stored in four holding tanks before being delivered to the truck load outs.

Current customers have found under most conditions, they were able to eliminate a heat source on the frac job, thus saving thousands of dollars.

Our water depot provides lighted, concrete surfaces throughout our entrance and exit roads, staging and load out areas for safety and convenience. Each loading station is fully automated allowing the customer to choose hot or cold water.

The water depot is located two miles south and one mile west of Beulah, ND adjacent to the Coyote Power Station on highway 49.